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  Risk Protection  
  Halmahera, Green Business Investment Oportunities
  • The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) from the World Bank, can guarantee investors their equity: Up to 95% if funding is coming from a bank loan.


  • Thus investors can eliminate risk of: Expropriation, War & Civil disturbance, Currency transfer restrictions, breach of contracts, and sovereign financial obligation defaultsAgency (MIGA) from the World Bank.

  • Thus, final outcome of the investment will only be the results of the investor’s internal management, productivity and efficiency. It will generate profits if management has been thorough and accomplished their work diligently, professionally and in accordance to best management practices.


    Halmahera with Sustainable Renewable Energy and Development & Investment is a new project in Indonesia, where a Sea Port, an Airport, Organic Agriculture, Hospitality with Beaches Marina and Golf, Foreign Businesses, Risk Protection offers great investments with large potential and Oportunities