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  Halmahera, Virgin Land has to be developed under Organic Basis

  • No chemicals, insecticides or herb-icides are allowed on the island .

  • Investors and producers agree to use organic fertilizers only.

  • Plant care is of the utmost import-ance, and plant health is our primary goal.

  • The company can supply with inex-pensive plantation services and inputs if needed:

  • Clones and seedlings
  • Graphed trees
  • Compost and Compost Tea
  • Workers
  • Land Moving and Clearance
  • Plantation Maintenance


    Halmahera with Sustainable Renewable Energy and Development & Investment is a new project in Indonesia, where a Sea Port, an Airport, Organic Agriculture, Hospitality with Beaches Marina and Golf, Foreign Businesses, Risk Protection offers great investments with large potential and Oportunities