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  What is Halmahera ?  
  Halmahera, an Island with available land for agriculture, hospitality and light manufacturing

Halmahera is ideal to attract foreign capital, because it is virgin, it has fertile soil, its current population is small, is part of the Republic of Indonesia who is open to foreign investments, and is World Bank (MIGA) insured against Political Risk.

Our ultimate mission is to promote and support investors that will develop the land in a sustainable manner, produce organic crops, utilize renewable energy, construct organic designs and make the island a Carbon Credit earner , for the benefit of the investor, the people of the island and the Planet as a whole .


Halmahera with Sustainable Renewable Energy and Development & Investment is a new project in Indonesia, where a Sea Port, an Airport, Organic Agriculture, Hospitality with Beaches Marina and Golf, Foreign Businesses, Risk Protection offers great investments with large potential and Oportunities